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Paint By Numbers Blog-Popular Paint by Numbers Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?-Canvas by Numbers

Popular Paint by Numbers Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

Paint by numbers is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, there’s no age barrier. Canvas by Numbers provides a wide and extensive range of kits to choose from paint by numbers deer to landscape and floral paint by numbers, from still life to wildlife paint by number kits and from classic paintings to custom paintings, you’ll find it all here.

No matter if you’re a kid who is just exploring a new activity, an adult finding a way to unwind or an older person looking for a pastime. Paint by numbers has made it to the list of 100 best hobbies of the century for a good reason. It’s a fun, creative and productive way to pastime and indulge in an activity that is good for the whole body.

The best, most amazing part about this activity is that you don’t even have to be a painter or have any painting skill in order to nail it. It’s equally enjoyable for a novice artist as well as a pro artist. 

If you’re a novice artist, the paint by numbers kits will help you sharpen your skills, boost your confidence and help you familiarize with the world of colors, brushes and canvas. On the other hand, if you’re a pro artist these kits will let you explore different techniques, allow you to gain more confidence and encourage you to play with colors, combinations and bold strokes. 

So, all in all it's a win-win situation for the entire family. Simply fill in numbered places with the corresponding paint pods and be amazed to see a beautiful painting emerge in front of your eyes.

Although paint by numbers is a pretty easy activity, still there are some common mistakes done that can diminish your experience and make it less exciting. In this article, I will help you to rectify all those mistakes that can hinder your experience and help you to nail this activity and make it exciting, calming and relaxing for you. So, open up your paint by numbers flowers kit and take this ride with me.

1- Buying A Low Quality Kit:

Buying a cheap and trashy kit is the gravest and the most common mistake done by many people. Going for a cheap paint by numbers kit will only save you some bucks initially but ruin your entire experience. 

Opting for a good quality paint by numbers kits will make your experience very wholesome and deeply satisfying. An original paint by numbers kit will be at par with any top-quality wall art décor and will gracefully adorn your walls. Any good quality kit such as paint by numbers deer will blow the cheap stuff out to the park.

Starting from the packaging, a good quality kit will be packed securely, ensuring there are no paint spillage, the canvas is packed in a tube so that it’s not damaged during shipping. Whereas a cheap quality kit has a folded canvas, poor quality tools, and cheap paint colors that make the final product look like total garbage. So, don’t save a few bucks and buy something low par.

2- Not Making It A Comfortable Endeavor: 

Paint by numbers kits is deeply indulging, wonderfully relaxing and extremely satisfying, without a doubt. You’ll be surprised how calm and content you’ll feel even after you have done a section of the canvas. But in order to achieve the highest levels of comfort and contentment from this activity you must make an effort to feel nice and cozy in the setting you’re willing to paint in. 

Many people get so excited and giddy with joy that they start painting their kits anywhere, but be mindful that paint by numbers isn’t a project of a few hours or even days.

It takes time, precision and patience to make a beautiful painting, especially if your kits have small and intricate spaces to fill in. Choose for a well-lit, ventilated, peaceful and comfortable space of the home. If your canvas is framed, place it on an easel so that you can do the painting while sitting or standing. Also try to keep your work area clutter free so that the whole process of painting remains calm and relaxing.

3- Not Following the Guide:

Many people in their excitement and eagerness start to paint right away. I highly recommend taking a picture of the canvas as reference. In case you make a mistake, you can always head over to the picture and see if you have missed a number or mixed it with another one. 

Trust me this tip will be a game changer and you’ll feel more confident and less stressful anytime you’re in doubt. Many brands have started including a reference picture separately but if your chosen brand hasn’t been a step forward you can do that. All Canvas by Numbers kits come with a reference picture for your guidance.  

4- Starting from Light Colors:

One thumb rule of painting is to always take on the darker hues first and then go on to the lighter hues. No matter which paint material you’re using; oil, acrylic or watercolor. Taking on the darker colors gives you an upper hand at understanding where exactly the painting is headed. Darker hues are usually part of the background so you’ll feel more confident about the painting as you fill in all the darker hues first. Another great advantage of this tip is that you can also learn many new things about the color composition.

5- Starting from the Bottom:

Another great rule of thumb is to always start your painting from the top and finish at the bottom. Being even precise, if you’re a right-handed person then top-left corner is your starting point and if you’re a left-hander then top-right corner is your starting point. 

You ask why, the answer is no smudging! Imagine you have a beautiful paint by numbers flowers kit, you have started your painting from the vase and not from the top. After doing the vase you mistakenly rest your hand over there while painting the flowers and there you just smudged all the hard work.

6- Not Cleaning the Brushes Enough:

Brushes are a pivotal part of your painting journey and you must clean your brushes frequently in order for them to perform efficiently. Most of the paint by numbers kits have acrylic paint which has the tendency to dry out quickly, thus clogging your brushes. 

A pro tip is that close the paint pods as soon as they are done using them. The simple solution is to clean your brushes as regularly as possible. Try keeping a cup of water near you or a damp cloth. Don’t use paper towels as they can wear off quickly and can also get stuck in the bristles of the brushes.

7- Making it a Tiresome Task:

Paint by numbers is an activity that helps you to get relaxed and fresh. So, no need to finish the project in haste. In fact, take your time, enjoy the process and stop whenever you feel tired, bored or uninspired.

Final Thoughts!

The main reason to paint by numbers is to provide you with an activity that is indulging, productive, affordable and relaxing. All the above-mentioned mistakes, tips or tricks are not as important as to enjoy the process and feel happy about the end product. If you're ready to start your new fun and rewarding project, than browse our paint by numbers famous paintings collection today!

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