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10 Paint by Numbers to Decorate as Wall Art

Canvas Paintings for Wall Art

Painting is an excellent creative stimulant that keeps you occupied in the most productive way, makes you more patient, entertains you, and helps you relax both mentally and physically. But not everyone has the ability to paint flawlessly and create an end result that’s worthy of becoming a canvas painting for wall art. Fortunately for those with beginner talents, Canvas by Numbers has the best solution to encourage everyone to practice painting. Our paint by numbers kits offer you a fool-proof painting method that delivers paintings you’ll be proud to display!

Because wall art painted by numbers can be a great decoration piece in your home, we’d love to explore a few artistic masterpieces for all types of home decor aesthetics. If you’d like to try your hand at paint by numbers for wall art, we have several recommendations that could get you started. Browse our favorite kits for home decor and discover the style that speaks to you!

1. Venice Canals

venice canals by Vinsor Tan wall art decor

The Venice Canals by Vinsor Tan is a wall art paint by numbers kit that will take you on a dreamy vacation in the beautiful, charming, and oh-so-delightful Venice city. This city is known for its cultural heritage, picturesque sites, winding canals, striking architecture, and beautiful bridges. This painting captures the vibe of Venice in bright colors and bold lines. You’ll be transported to one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations while still in the comfort of your home.

Cityscapes are a great choice for canvas paintings as wall art, because they evoke the energy and bustle of an urban landscape and invigorate your space – especially if you’ve traveled to the destinations that you’re painting!

2. Symbols of Heroism

firefighter paint by numbers wall art

Symbols of Heroism by Paul Walsh is a paint by numbers kit for walls that will give you the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the people who put their lives on the line every day to protect the American people. The beautiful colors of this kit are a patriotic nod to our great country, and you’ll see them repeated in the flag, the helmet, the life jacket, the ax, and the shoes to honor the bravery, valor, and gallantry of our first responders.

Patriotic paintings are some of our favorite choices for canvas painted wall art because they pay homage to the country that has helped you thrive.

3. Deer in the Snow

deer wall art in the dining room

Whimsical and fanciful, Deer in the Snow by Franz Marc offers an innocent and fresh perspective on wildlife that allows you to bring these shy creatures into your home. The subtle background of the canvas painted wall art can set the tone of your room, while the curving lines and whorls of the deer and snow add movement to your space.

You don’t have to choose deer as your wildlife for home decor! At Canvas by Numbers, we have plenty of other animal paintings to explore. Browse impressionist birds, cartoon whales, watercolor cats, and abstract plant life to find the perfect wall art painted by numbers for your home.

4. Pheasant & Foliage

pheasant paint by numbers wall art

A bird-themed paint by numbers wall art kit, Cock Pheasant by William Morris, is a perfect option for novice painters who want to try their hand at painting but are worried about making mistakes. The blending tones and dizzying patterns make it easy to hide any errors in a pattern that will look stunning in any dining room or living room. This paint by numbers kit for wall hangings is vibrant and energetic in a way that captures the eye and makes this painting the focal point of any room.

5. Roses in a Glass Vase

office wall art roses still life

Here is a paint by numbers kit with textured still life flowers in a glass vase. Simply titled Roses in a Glass Vase, this canvas painting wall art by Miriam and Ira D. Wallach comes with a subtle drama that can work well with many other elements of your home decor. You may think this canvas looks easy, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the style. Take a deeper look and you’ll see the complex color blending, the shaded background, and the water effect to discover where your challenges will lie.

Still life is one of our favorite options for canvas painted wall art because they typically have a sense of simplicity that lends itself to complementing the existing accents of your decor. Find a still life that mimics the colors and style of your furniture, textiles, and vases for seamless interior design.

6. Woman with Umbrella

Claude Monet paint by numbers

This wall art paint by numbers perfectly encapsulates the beauty of a summer morning. The wind is blowing profusely and a woman is taking a stroll on a brisk summer day, perhaps pondering her life and the little pleasures in it. If you’re looking for a painting by numbers from a true master that will invoke the magic of an art gallery in your home, there’s no better piece than Woman with Umbrella by Claude Monet. An impressionist masterpiece, you’ll elevate your home decor instantly with a recognizable painting from a famous artist

7. The Buddha

Buddha golden paint by numbers canvas

The Buddah by Odilon Redon is a canvas painting wall art that incorporates a spiritual lesson into your home decor. Study and meditate on it long enough and you might achieve enlightenment – just like the Buddah. Religious paintings could inspire you to work on improving yourself in a world marred by darkness, encouraging you to help others and do your best every day. Find purpose and strength in these paintings when you hang them in your more private spaces, like bedrooms.

8. Portofino Reflections

a painting of Portofino hanging on a wall in a living room

If you want to incorporate ocean and harbor themes into your home for a little coastal or island inspiration, Portofino Reflections by Mikki Senkarik could be the canvas painted wall art of your dreams. Just looking out from this balcony view makes us want to sit down, relax, and take a sip of wine as we enjoy the Mediterranean aura emanating from this painting. Enjoy the tranquility of a seascape in your home even if you don’t live anywhere near the ocean!

9. The Sea at Les Saintes

Van Gogh boat painting wall art

For those who enjoy a little more movement and drama in their canvas painted wall art, there’s nothing better than a boat tossed out on the waves. In this moving piece from Vincent Van Gogh, you can practically hear the crash of the waves and the cries of the gulls. The Sea at Les Sant is a complex design that’s full of excitement and challenges for painters who are ready to try something a little more difficult.

If you’re interested in a similar style piece that isn’t as complex, you should explore our entire collection of boats and ships to find a paint by numbers canvas better suited to your skill level and technique.

10. Shoes

paint by numbers shoes by Van Gogh

Rounding out our list of recommendations for canvas paintings for wall art is this second piece from Van Gogh. While it’s not as well-known as the sunflowers still life or Starry Night, there’s something incredibly poignant about a pair of shoes like these. Their worn nature tells a story, while the warm hues of the paint tinge this work with something akin to happy memories.

This is one of our most complex paint by numbers kits. Choose Shoes by Vincent Van Gogh only once you’ve worked on at least eight or nine other paintings. Practice your techniques before trying one of the most difficult paintings by a master.

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Decorating your home with paint by numbers canvases as wall art is a completely different experience than simply choosing a stranger's artwork to put on your wall. When you’re a part of the creation process, you have more of a connection with everything you put in your home. Make your personal painting journey a part of your interior design for a more unique space!

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