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PBN Tips for Painting a Stunning Wall Art Piece

Do you have any pictures that you’d love to be on your wall? Pictures are usually built up of different shapes, which don’t make sense individually. Paint By Numbers (PBN) leverages this notion to help you explore your creativity in painting.

So, if you’re a passionate DIYer, PBN is a great activity to keep yourself busy during the weekend. Here are five exciting tips you can use to paint a stunning picture for your room.

1. Get the Right Kit
When shopping around for a paint by numbers online kit, it’s advisable to buy a canvas that’s framed. This will ensure the canvas strays straight while you’re working, and you’re unlikely to create creases.

Be sure to check the type of paint the kit contains. Oil paint and acrylic paint are the most common. However, most people prefer acrylic paints to oil paints as they dry quickly and it’s easy to wash them off the brush.

2. Be Patient
Like any artwork, patience is the key to getting the look you want. This is particularly necessary when working with new brushes as they need more effort. If you have older brushes, you can use them for more control and comfort.

Also, avoid spreading out the hairs of the brushes while painting. This will ruin the fine tip, eventually destroying the brush. Always apply gentle pressure as you work on your art to ensure clean edges.

3. Start from the Top
To avoid smudging, begin painting from the top of the canvas. Start from the top right corner if you’re left-handed to keep smudging as minimal as possible. Be sure to use the original image as a guide.

Paint one color at a time, preferably the dark ones first. This allows you to map out the background and set the stage for seamless finishing. Plus, they can easily give you the outline of the picture before you work on the smaller areas.

4. Keep the Brushes Clean
Before using a new color, be sure to clean the brushes properly. If you’re using acrylic paints, they dry up very quickly, and they’re likely to ruin your brush if not washed immediately.

Always have a bottle of water, bowl, and a wet towel when painting to clean the brush. Keep in mind that poorly cleaned brush will also ruin the picture. A little dark color can quickly mess up areas with light colors.

5. Keep Double Numbers in Mind
You may notice some sections have two or more paint by numbers in them. This means that you need to mix the colors those numbers represent. Mixing an equal proportionate of the two colors should give you the right color for that particular section of the image.

You should not dip the brush from one paint container to another as you’ll contaminate the paints. Mix them separately on a nonporous surface before painting.

Final Thoughts
Painting By Numbers offers a great way to brighten up your room. However, you’ll need time to paint your desired picture. Keep in mind that painting gets messy, so be sure to leave some paint to cover up your mistakes after finishing.

When the painting is ready, you can hang it over a bed or sofa. Choose an open wall with little to no decor for the most impact.
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