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Paint By Numbers Blog-3 Ways Paint by Numbers Helps Through Difficult Life Situations-Canvas by Numbers

3 Ways Paint by Numbers Helps Through Difficult Life Situations

Did you know paint by numbers is a great way to relax or reduce stress and anxiety in difficult situations? Paint by numbers sets are not just for kids! They are a great way to step away from the stress and anxiety of different life’s demands and focus on something you really enjoy doing. The art sets for adults, or a paint by number kit for adults, is one of the best ways for adults to have fun without worry. They offer pre-made grayscale lines indicating which colors go where with particular numbers throughout the sketch. They are simple, fun, and a great activity for a number of reasons.

So here are three by numbers can help you get through a difficult situation.

1: Paint by Numbers is a Source of Relaxation

Painting, in particular, allows you to step away from the trials and tribulations of life and escape to a place that is entirely your own. It is a source of relaxation and self expression. When you are able to focus on your materials and imagination, you are able to give your brain a break from daily thoughts. The effect is similar to meditation in that painting allows you to center yourself and pay more attention to what is happening in the moment, right in front of you. It’s actually been proven that art lowers cortisol.

2: Paint by Numbers Helps Overcoming Anxiety

The self-expression of art can help to improve your confidence and anxieties as well. Painting has also been proven to increase dopamine in the brain, which produces the same happy feelings that we encounter when we fall in love. Trying something new and pushing yourself to exceed your own expectations is an important part of overcoming anxiety because you are able to alter behavior and thinking patterns.

3: Paint by Numbers Helps Produce Problem-Solving Inspiration

When you step away from thinking about or processing a difficult situation, you can often be inspired with a solution to a problem or list of problems you’ve been facing. In many cases, when you are so close to a problem, it’s difficult to see any “light at the end of the tunnel.” Painting helps you relax and focus your mental energy on something else that will spark a solution when you least expect it.

Paint by Numbers Art Sets for Adults Are a Great Opportunity to Help You Through Difficult Situations

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your paint by number kit today! Did you know paint by number kits have been around since the 1940s? However, they back recently in popularity. And for good reason! They are simple, fun, and good for your health! And not to mention they can be customized as well. One of the best things about DIY painting by number kits is You can use your own photos to create a custom paint by number design or just a kit out of the box.

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