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How Paint by Numbers Can Help Child Development

Paint by Numbers for Kids

Have you ever heard the term “paint by numbers”? It’s exactly as it sounds: a simple artistic technique for creating paintings by following a predesigned number system. Each color is assigned a number, so you fill in the colors corresponding to the number until your final picture emerges.

There are different paint by numbers (PBN) online resources with varying levels of complexity. Some include complete kits with brushes, canvases, and a paint palette with the exact colors in the numbered shades. At Canvas by Numbers, we’re one of those resources that provide all-inclusive access to some amazing paint by numbers kits for kids, teens, and beginners, because we believe in the unique benefits of painting for children and adults.

Why Paint by Numbers?

Paint by numbers for kids is an excellent art teaching tool for children, and it does more than you can imagine for their young minds. This article outlines some of the benefits of paint by numbers for your children’s development.

Keep reading and share with your friends; everyone should benefit from this fun painting technique.

1. Perfect for Beginners

Learning art can be intimidating when your child is just starting out, which is why easy paint-by-numbers kits or books can help them along. We promise no special skills are required except knowing how to hold a brush and mix colors where needed.

One of the benefits of paint by numbers for preschoolers and young children is that it takes the pressure off building a child’s artistic skill set and allows them to subconsciously absorb elements of art and design without having to focus on them directly. In time, your child will become more confident in their ability and tackle increasingly complex designs.

2. Builds Creativity

a child with blue paint on their hand

Although it may seem like dictating the colors going into the paint by numbers for kids takes away the creative aspect of painting, there are paint by numbers kits that require more from the painter. You can start with basic kits with larger areas and fewer colors and build towards more intricate ones, like landscapes and paintings from the old master. Then, when your child is confident in their art, they can try to venture away from the number system to see what they create on their own.

You should also remember that nobody is standing by and monitoring how your child is using these canvases. If they want, they can always change up the colors and paint outside the lines to explore with more freedom!

3. Develops Fine Motor Skills & Hand-Eye Coordination

Paint by numbers for kids allows them to practice their hand-eye coordination and builds their fine motor skills. Holding a paintbrush, swirling to mix paint, and trying to paint steadily and within the lines all help to improve these skills for children. Better hand-eye coordination increases the child’s productivity and builds their reaction times, athletic ability, and physical confidence, which are key benefits of paint by numbers for preschoolers.

4. Learning to Follow Instructions

paint by numbers palette

Paint by numbers for kids helps children learn patience and how to follow instructions to complete a project. They may also self-discovery techniques for efficiency, like painting from the top down to avoid smudging or finishing off each area by color.

Understanding and following sequenced instructions is a skill applicable in every area of their lives.

5. Encourages Emotional Development

Embarking on a paint-by-numbers project is no mean feat for a child; it’s a big challenge that demands concentration. However, using the number system breaks the project into manageable proportions because they don’t have to think about the image as a whole. Minimizing the pressure and allowing them to actually finish a project, paint by numbers for kids allows them to feel accomplished and confident; they may even start looking forward to new projects and creative endeavors on their own!

Start With Canvas by Numbers

Now that you know about the benefits of paint by numbers for preschools and kids, you may be eager to introduce a canvas to your young child. Start shopping for our most popular paint by numbers kits, and you’ll find stunning designs your kids will love!

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