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Kit di pittura misteriosa con i numeri

by Canvas by Numbers

€23,95 EUR
Ottieni uno dei nostri kit Canvas by Numbers a un prezzo scontato! Se ami il mistero, ti invieremo un kit di pittura con i numeri casuale dal nostro s... Read More

Superior Quality Materials

Unique Licensed Designs

Detailed Artwork = Stunning Results

Tube or box package. NO wrinkles

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🖌 Kit Dipingi con i Numeri
📄 Livello del kit:Intermedio

All our Canvas by Numbers painting kits include everything you need:

Finely woven linen blend canvas.

Pre-mixed acrylic-based paint set.

3x artist paint brushes.

Reference sheet of the canvas.

Getting Started quick guide.

Zona di verniciatura:

40 x 50 cm (16 x 20 pollici)
20 x 24 pollici (50 x 60 cm)
24 x 30 pollici (60 x 75 cm)

Area totale della tela: area di pittura + 7 cm compresi i bordi bianchi.

Beginners: Perfect for newcomers or those seeking a relaxing painting session. These kits are designed to complete within a week and offer a delightful way to unwind.

Intermediate: Step up your game with kits that offer a bit more challenge. Ideal if you're ready to dedicate more than a week to create your artwork.

Advanced: For those who love detail! These kits feature tiny sections for an intricate finish and may take two weeks or more to complete. Prepare for a stunningly detailed masterpiece!

Please Note: Kit levels are just a guide. Depending on your personal painting pace and experience, you might find a kit easier or more challenging than suggested. Happy painting!