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Paint by Numbers: Best Hobby to Do During Quarantine at Home

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected all of us in some way, but one of the biggest ways it’s affected us is by keeping us quarantined at home. There’s been national emergencies declared all around the world with stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders. Everyone is under a lot of stress and that’s why it’s important to engage in your hobbies or do fun activities to keep you happy and healthy. And one of those great activities to do is a Paint By Numbers kit

How Paint by Numbers Helps The Crisis

It’s well known that creative outlets help you reduce stress and take your mind off of other problems you’ve got going on. And painting is definitely a great outlet. Did you know painting and art activities are a great way to relax or reduce stress and anxiety in difficult situations? Paint by numbers are great for all ages. 

They are a great way to step away from the stress and anxiety brought by all the recent life changes and quarantine orders. Not to mention it’s fun for you and your family to do too. The pre-made grayscale lines of the abstract paint by numbers kit indicate which colors go where with particular numbers throughout the sketch or picture. It’s simple and fun–you won’t want to put your brush down!

There’s a Wide Variety of Paint By Number Kits

We can’t talk about paint by numbers without talking about the tools that go into creating your artwork. First are the essentials: Your paint brushes (which don’t have to be expensive), your paint by number canvas, and finally your colors to use! Some paint by number kits have all these things included, but be sure you’re getting the best deal! We put together a quick search online for some of the best kits out there. You want to be sure you’re getting your money's worth in a time when uncertainty seems to be common.

Paint By Numbers Can Go Online!

If you’re also a small group leader that has been affected by the crisis, then search no more! Paint By Numbers for adults can relieve stress personally, but it’s better to do as a group activity with friends. Since we can’t move around like we once were able to, Paint By Numbers can be there for you. Even if your group has no art experience it is okay. With the rise of social chats, you can have a remote party with Paint By Numbers! We recommend setting up a camera for your friends to see the artwork, and you can still all have fun without being in the same room. 

Here Are Some Tips For Your Paint By Numbers Journey

Paint By Numbers may be new to some of you, that is why we recommend starting with the lightest colors and then working your way to the darkest colors. This is important for blocking out the composition and gaining a better understanding of what colors you want to choose. Oftentimes, the painting changes as you proceed through the journey. This isn’t bad and can be more relaxing. By blocking out the colors first in dark or light tones, you can relieve yourself from the pressure of choosing more colors. They will come naturally, and I guarantee your painting will look better because of it.

Painting Helps Produce Problem-Solving Inspiration

In the current situation, we must remember to keep our minds sharp and problem solve. We often want to watch TV or do something that does not challenge our creativity. There is so much potential that we are wasting by doing this! Painting helps you relax and focus your mental energy on problem-solving fun. The fun you have while using Paint By Number in the shutdown can also be helping your brain long after this crisis is over. So what are you waiting for, go get your Paint By Numbers kit today!

How are you using Paint By Numbers during quarantine? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you. Did you find a creative way to use Paint by Numbers to bring joy to someone else? If you're looking for a fun, challenging, yet beautiful project, browse one of my favorite collections, the paint by numbers Alphonse Mucha collection.

Paint By Numbers Blog-How Paint by Numbers Can Help Child Development-Canvas by Numbers
Paint By Numbers Blog-How Paint by Numbers Can Keep Children Entertained at Home during COVID-19-Canvas by Numbers

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