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Seniors and Paint By Numbers: Not Just for Kids Any More!

Odds are you’ve got some fond memories of a childhood spent playing and having fun. One of those great childhood activities that everyone remembers fondly is arts and crafts time, with activities like paint by numbers always a favorite. Yet as we grow into adulthood and then retirement age, we leave our childish activities behind.

But do we really have to grow up just because we grow older? What’s so wrong with doing a little canvas paint by numbers every once and a while? Nothing, actually. Besides, being retired means we can do what we want! Here’s why paint by numbers is such a great activity for seniors – and why it’s not just for kids anymore.

As Good as Physical Therapy

As we get older, it’s only natural that our physical capabilities change. Many seniors face issues like loss of strength or dexterity in their hands, often having to take part in physical therapy to rebuild this ability. Believe it or not, a good time spent painting a canvas paint by numbers picture can be about as effective as a physical therapy session.

Doing paint by numbers regularly as a hobby helps rebuild hand and arm strength in an environment that’s much more comfortable and welcoming than a doctor’s office. Not only that, but you’re also building – or rebuilding – fine motor control as well, thanks to holding the paintbrush and manipulating it to paint the canvas. The best part is you’re getting all this great therapy in without even thinking about it. When it’s fun, it’s not exactly work, is it?

Stress-Free is the Way to Be

There’s something else about custom paint by numbers that you might not have realized yet. Have you ever watched Bob Ross on PBS? It’s relaxing, isn’t it? Well, imagine how relaxing it is to be the one standing there with an artist’s palette and a brush, creating your own masterpiece, all without having to worry about which colors to choose or where to place them.

Some consider the relaxing effect to be similar to meditation. It can reduce anxiety, lower stress levels, and even enhance cognitive memory function. According to the Art Therapy Association, it may even help people who are suffering from dementia(1).

Even retirement life can be stressful. Spending some time in creative pursuits is an excellent way to relieve that stress.

And since paint by numbers doesn’t require years of practice to be proficient, it’s an ideal choice for producing beautiful results with very little effort. You’ll feel relaxed and fulfilled, gazing at the gorgeous canvas in front of you that you created yourself.

It’s Like Therapy

Art therapy is a recognized field where psychologists work to harness the creative process to help people in a myriad of ways(2). Ultimately, even a little paint by numbers can help you achieve higher levels of well-being, whether or not there’s a psychologist involved.

Canvas Paint By Numbers for Seniors: What’s Not to Love?

The fix is in, folks. Canvas paint by numbers isn’t just a young person’s game. Whether you’re doing it by yourself as a quiet hobby or surrounded by friends sipping wine and kibitzing, a little paint by numbers can refresh the body and soul in ways you might not even realize. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner child — give it a try the next opportunity you get. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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Paint By Numbers Blog-Paint By Numbers: Reaping the Rewards of an Inspiring Hobby-Canvas by Numbers

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