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Paint By Numbers Blog-How to Improve Your Brush Skills for Paint by Numbers-Canvas by Numbers

How to Improve Your Brush Skills for Paint by Numbers

Abstract paint by number kits allow you to explore your creativity without the hassle of drawing an original image. As long as you can follow the rules, you’ll be amazed at what you can create with PBN kits.

But the whole task is not all about following codes and numbers to reveal the colorful masterpiece. How you use your brush significantly affects the quality and beauty of the resulting image.

1. Use the Right Brush for the Right Area

PBN kits usually come with three different sizes of paint brushes: small, medium, and large. Note that each of the brushes has a specific job. The small brush is ideal for crispy touches, medium one lends sharpness to your image, while the large brush is ideal for those large sections.

Avoid painting all the sections with a single brush. For example, the small brush isn’t suitable for large parts since it will be time-consuming and hectic to use it. Also, using the large brush on small parts can easily spill paint on adjacent parts, and this can ruin your art.

2. Moisten Your Brush

While painting, strive to keep your brush moist; just don’t saturate it. Ensure you have a small cup of water and a few paper towels. Just dip the brush in the water and dry it off using the towel. Or, just use a wet piece of cloth to remove paint residue from the brush.

You can avoid regular cleaning by completing all the parts that have the same color before moving to a different color.

3. Keep the Brush Clean

Remember to clean your brushes thoroughly every time you change the paint. This is particularly important when you’re shifting from a darker color to a bright one. The last thing you want is to accidentally mix colors on any part of your image.

Also, acrylic paint tends to dry quickly, and it can easily ruin your brush if you forget to clean it off. So, when you’re done with painting, clean the brushes before stowing them away.

4. Be Comfortable with the Brushes

When you’ve just bought a new canvas painting kit, it takes some time to get used to new brushes. You’ll need to put in a little effort to get the brushes to work smoothly.

If you have old brushes, you can use them instead. However, if it’s your first time using painting brushes, then try to be comfortable with them, and they’ll be easier to use the more you paint.

Final Thoughts

Paint by number is a creative and fun pastime. Apart from learning a new skill, it allows you to add beautiful and stunning art to your space.

However, it takes some effort and time to get that stunning art on your wall. It can be easy to follow the numbers, but it can be confusing to handle or use the brushes. A simple mistake like using the wrong brush could ruin your art.

With these tips, you can easily learn how to use the brushes and improve your painting skills.


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