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Paint By Numbers Blog-How Canvas by Numbers Promotes Physical and Mental Activity in This High-Tech Century-Canvas by Numbers

How Canvas by Numbers Promotes Physical and Mental Activity in This High-Tech Century

Categories like beginner paint by numbers, abstract, classics and still life can be attempted by young kids and adults alike. Paint by numbers have been around for centuries and have managed to stay relevant due to its amazing benefits and qualities that were just too good to ignore. Although, people do think that painting a picture that is isolated into numbered shapes is way too easy and doesn’t really help in sharpening the creative skills of an individual. I will contradict this statement by giving you various physical and mental benefits of paint by numbers.

The technical advancements are making people more and more aloof resulting in depression, mental health issues and anxiety disorders, especially in the age group of 12-18. We need to give our youth the right track otherwise they will be consumed by what humans have created. Paint by numbers is the ideal distraction which has various deep-rooted benefits that can be seen merely after a few projects. So, let me unveil a few physical and mental benefits of paint by numbers and trust me, you’ll be amazed to discover a lot more when you start doing them.

1. Improves Fine Motor Skills



Remember the time when we used to hold the pencil, trace a dotted line and would be rewarded with a star by teachers or parents. Well, that was the very initial stagen today’s day and age where we all are surrounded by gadgets, technical advancements and everything is just a tap away, getting up and doing something physically challenging looks like a chore, a burden. We all have become complacent with this version of ourselves, without comprehending the wider picture.

Physical activities have various benefits that we all need no matter in which age group we fall. But due to the vast usage of gadgets and having everything on our fingertips, we are slowly overlooking the importance of physical activities. We all need to look for activities that stimulate us to get out of our bubbles and mentally refresh us so that we find a better perspective and positive attitude in life.

One such amazing activity that has been there for centuries and also has been included in the top 100 activities of the 21st century is Paint by numbers. Paint by numbers comes in the vast majority of designs, complexities, intricacies and levels  of developing fine motor skills. Tracing, colouring, drawing and painting are amazing gymnastics that connect deeply with a child and improve his/her hand and eye coordination.

Same goes for older people, their muscles become weak and fragile over the years which hinders their grip and hand-eye coordination. This is where paint by numbers come into play, it helps in strengthening the small muscles like our fingers and joints and train them to exhibit dexterity by filling in small numbered places with the right color. The whole process of completing the whole picture becomes like an exercise for the hands and eyes which can benefit in the long run.

2. Promotes an Active Lifestyle

One of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to be active. With so many distractions and entertainment just a click away, more and more people are leading a sedentary lifestyle. It's important to find ways and invest in activities which urge us to get out of bed. Paint by numbers lion or other interesting categories give you the encouragement and inspiration to get up and paint your heart out. When you start a project you like, it keeps you motivated, stimulated and stirred enough to keep yourself active, leaving your comfortable setting and pushing yourself to do something you feel good about.

When the small numbered spaces gradually start to fill up to make sense of where the painting is headed, the person gets more enthusiastic and charged which makes him/her active, stimulated and full of life thus promoting physical and mental health.

3. Stress and Anxiety Buster

Paint by numbers for adults not only has physical benefits, it also has various mental benefits. Mental health is a growing problem that’s affecting our youth the most. Growing expectations, high standards of living and various pressures in life call for an activity that can be done by all the family members.

Paint by numbers is the perfect stress reliever and anxiety reducer for children and adults. When you start filling those numbered spaces with precision and meticulous detailing, your mind will automatically be fully involved and focused on the task at hand. Your mind is free from all the thoughts, tensions and worries, concentrating fully on the fun-filled process, making you calm, relaxed and at-ease. All the anxiousness and stress will slowly start to fade away and you’ll be more optimistic, rejuvenated and stimulated. 

4. Develops Long Attention Spans


Another noteworthy and absolutely invaluable benefit of paint by numbers is long attention spans, which has become a rare commodity in today’s youth. We all are so busy and constantly running against the clock that the fun of doing a project that spans in days has become an unheard concept.

Paint by numbers lion encourages you to concentrate on the work at hand, meticulously fill colors to its designated spots, pay heed to the details and focus entirely on something for at least 30-40 mins enthusiastically. When we indulge in something productive like paint by numbers, both the hemispheres of our brain (right and left) are stimulated. The right one feeds on creativity and emotions and the left one is charged by all the concentration and mind you’re putting into the project.

5. Encourages a Problem-Solving Approach

Problems are inevitable in every person’s life. There will always be something to knock you down, make you feel worthless or demotivate you to give up. But if you have been spending your free time doing prolific activities like painting by numbers then you’ll be surprised that your attitude toward problems will slowly and gradually shift for the good. Paint by numbers teaches you to do critical thinking on various levels.

Right from the beginning, when you have to choose the right kind of kit for yourself that will keep you motivated, enthusiastic and is at par with your artistic level, you’re making decisions, thinking critically about various hurdles or obstacles you might face and also solving them in your head to make the right choice.

Once the paint by numbers kit arrives, you have chosen the right brush for the right space, you’ll have to make the decision of where to start and which colors to deal with first, carefully calculating the pros and cons of each decision you take. Along the way many things will transpire or some things will happen not as you planned, so your mind will opt for a problem-solving approach so that nothing becomes an obstacle in completing the painting you have invested in so much. This attitude of not-giving-up and finding solutions will help you in various other aspects of life.

6. Sharpens your Inner Artist

Paint by numbers is a perfect kit for rookie, aspiring and even pro artists. It’s a great starting kit for children who love to paint and their parents want to encourage them to do so. It’s also an amazing opportunity for aspiring artists that need the reassurance that they can-do-it by simply completing a paint by numbers lion kit and take pride in how they just completed a very beautiful yet intricate painting on their own.

Paint by numbers kits is also useful for pro artists as a paint by numbers kit can be a source of inspiration for them, they can learn how different colours go well against each other and how something so simple can also be very stimulating and stirring when all you want to do is to paint and not think critically about it. All these things help in challenging your inner artist to the right track and encourage it to take leaps of faith.

7. Boosts Creative Skills 

Sitting ideally in front of the TV screen, laptops, tabs or mobile phones have literally killed our creative drive and all we want to do is mindlessly scroll down, doing nothing good. Paint by numbers encourages you to leave your slumber party and do something that lets your creative juice flow and makes you feel alive and active again.

Canvas by numbers paints kits collection will have you spoil for choices and you would be so excited to start the next one as soon as you’re done with the first. This is what a creative activity does, it develops an imaginative mind that has creative skills to express your emotions, tell a story and speak without uttering a word.


Paint by numbers is a perfect, fun, creative and affordable activity that can be the perfect distraction from this tech-savvy world around us. There are plenty of health-related benefits associated with this activity so what are you waiting for? Order yourself an amazing, life-altering activity which will be addicting in all the right ways.

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