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Holiday Art Gifts for Loved Ones

Holiday Gifts for Artists

As the holidays approach, you might already be thinking about what to buy your loved ones this year. If you have an artistic family friend or an enthusiastic DIYer in your household, you might find it a little tough to think of something meaningful and useful to give them! Well, Canvas by Numbers has a solution for you. Paint by number kits are amazing Christmas gifts for artists that can appeal to their interests, challenge their skills, and help them decorate their homes.

Check out our art gifts for all aesthetics and get inspired by our Christmas painting gifts.

1. From the Masters

If you have a friend or family member that has a deep appreciation for the great masters, you might want to find them a paint by numbers canvas from our famous paintings collection. These canvases allow even a novice to recreate artworks from Gustav Klimt or Claude Monet. Kawase Hasui will take you back to feaudal Japan, and Ernst Haeckel artwork about nature and biology will satisfy detailed canvas lovers. 

Explore a variety of subjects and styles to find the one that would most appeal to your artistically inclined recipient to find the ideal Christmas gift for this artist.

2. Religious Paintings

If you have a contemplative person on your list with religious leanings, an art gift that allows them to paint a figure from their religion could be the right choice. With a paint by numbers kit, they get to enjoy all the benefits of painting while meditating on their faith. 

Shop all our religious kits to discover Christmas painting gifts, Hanukkah themes, and Buddhist explorations.

3. Traditional Still Life

Van Gogh still life paint by numbers

You might think still life just means a vase with wilting flowers or a bowl full of fruit, but there is a lot of variation in this theme that could suit several aesthetics. Our selection of still life paint by number kits offers you the opportunity to shop the unique patterned prints of William Morris, as well as the more traditional vase and flower combinations of Vincent Van Gogh.

Friends and family that love floral themes will really appreciate this Christmas gift for artists, because it allows them to have a hand in creating their own home decor and explores one of their interests.

4. Patriotic Paintings

As our world grows and changes, many people find strength in supporting their country and showcasing their patriotic pride. If you think paintings of old Americana or tributes to our heroes will capture the imagination of someone on your list, consider this category as a Christmas gift for your artist friends. Our patriotic paint by number kits explore our roots as Americans, honor the sacrifices of soldiers and first responders, and celebrate what it means to be an American.

Once they finish painting this art gift, they can hang it in their hosting spaces to show their artistic talent and support for their country.

5. Custom Creations

One of the most unique options we offer in our Christmas painting gift collection is a custom paint by number kit that’s based on a photo or image you submit. Bring one of your favorite photos to life when you upload a high-resolution image to our experts. Then, choose the size and level of detail to ensure a canvas your gift recipient will be so excited to paint! We’ll print the outline and numbers on a canvas and provide all the colors and brushes necessary for this Christmas gift for artists.

For beginner painters, choose a lower level of detail that will result in an illustrative style, while more advanced artists will flourish when challenged with a higher level of detail for a more realistic finish.

6. Personalized Diamond Designs

custom diamond paint by numbers

In addition to painting a custom portrait or image, Canvas by Numbers is excited to offer a new kind of design: the best diamond paintings kits!

Instead of acrylic paints and brushes, your recipient will work with diamonds in different hues. You can choose round or square diamonds, and your kit will arrive with all the tools you need, including a complete set of diamond colors, a sheet guide, wax blocks, bulk placers, an applicator pen, and a drill tray. This diamond painting is a fantastic Christmas gift for artists who prefer other mediums to paint.

Check Off Your Holiday List

Whether your list is large or small, Canvas by Numbers would be honored to help you find art gifts for everyone on it. From custom designs to famous artists, we have a curated selection that guarantees something for everyone – even kids!

Check out our entire store to find even more unique painting styles and aesthetics to ensure your Christmas gifts for your artist friends are a success!

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