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Modern style daisies

Modern style daisies

🎨 Up to 28 gorgeous colors

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Our Canvas by Numbers Paint by Number kits for adults feature real canvases with detailed line art to fill in. Each section is labeled with a small number to show you the correct paint color, so artists of all ages and experience levels can achieve impressive results —no need to mix paints.

We carefully handpick every design to offer you a splendid and unique painting. Paint by numbers kits is more than just a hobby. It's the best way to discover your artistic talent and have a relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable experience.

Size :16"x20" (40x50cm) No Frame

The Canvas by Numbers Difference

There are many brands out there. We are not the cheapest, and we do not intend to be. Our motto is to focus on providing a great painting experience and putting customers first. You are going to spend quite a few hours working on your painting. Is it worth it to risk it to save a few bucks? That's up to you! However, when we create our paint by numbers kits, we like to do them right.

Quality materials

Our durable 240gsm cotton blend canvases are printed in high resolution and color, so they're easy to read, reducing eye strain. The rich pigment acrylics will make colors pop up, and the custom wooden brushes provide a great painting experience. You get a reference sheet, color print, and instructions manual included in the kit.

Cheap materials to cut costs

Low-cost and low-resolution cotton canvases with black and white printing. The numbers are hard to read, and it can be frustrating to work on them for extended periods. The paints are usually too thin or too thick. Cheap brushes that snap easily. Often missing the reference sheet and any other extra materials.

Solid 60 days guarantee

Love your product or send it back. Any damage, issue during transit, or inconvenience is covered until the parcel reaches your doorstep. All custom products are covered against damage or production fault.

Issues with sellers

Poor quality control with little or no guarantees. Each painting kit is like playing the lottery. Support is very slow and difficult to reach. Usually ends in PayPal or bank dispute, which is a long and frustrating process.

Licensed Artwork

Canvas by Numbers backs artists by paying for a license or/and royalties. Purchasing from us means you are complying with the law and supporting artists to continue with their passion. Do not support the black market! Help small artists and talents instead.

Stolen & illegal artwork

Sites like Amazon, Aliexpress, and many US vendors are known for selling cheaper paint by numbers. They are stealing the artwork without the artist even knowing and violating their copyright. If you don't see the artist's name in a product, chances are it is not legal.

Premium packaging

Colorful packaging ideal for gifts! Get your canvas rolled in a hard tube and forget about wrinkles. Pre-stretched canvases are shipped in a branded corrugated cardboard box.

Inferior packaging

Your order arrives in a cheap generic bag. You open it, and the canvas is full of creases, or even worse, folded! Now you gotta spend time ironing and trying to fix it! Sounds familiar?

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Maria Martinez (Toronto, CA)

I loved the colors, and enjoyed painting it, it was not overly challenging, not easy either, I liked the balance

Carol Barber (Gibsons, CA)

I'm really happy with this painting. I can just see the summer breeze blowing the daisies

Maureen Ward (Ottawa, CA)
Summer Petals

Quite challenging with all the whites. But still satisfying! Quality canvas and paints make it a pleasure.

Beverly Steinhauser (Champlin, US)

Canvas is good quality. Received in good condition and in a timely manner. However. I think in explanation you should let shoppers know they have to be up to painting everything at least twice in order to cover up the numbers. Still working on it.

Linda Worrall (Palm Harbor, US)
Not labeled and I bought 3

I haven't started mine but i ordered 3 and they were not marked on the outside? I couldn't tell what was what unless i unrolled them all so labeling them woukd be a great idea...cant understand why that wasn't thought about?

Renata Morris (Palm Coast, US)

Love it!

Great fun, well-executed kit, though numbering not always clear

The canvas is very well printed. The subtle shadings do help to find all of each color.
It would be helpful if on large color areas, the number were repeated a few times.

The paints are nice quality and flow well.
Surprisingly, the brushes are good quality - the smallest one is perfect for the very fine detail work that this painting requires!
It seems that some areas, usually some of the most miniscule, have no number. I will leave those till the end and fill them with whatever color makes sense.
Also, some areas are so small that numbers don't fit inside them - can be tricky if you cover up half of a number when painting an adjacent area.

The tiny tubs can be hard to open, esp. for 90+-year old hands.

I keep a spray bottle handy and occasionally spray teh open tub with one shot of the fine mist in order to keep the paint from drying out, then once more when I close it up. (Don't overdo this!!)

I WISH that the folks at Canvas By Numbers would provide us with an online view of the unfilled canvas.
This would help enormously in zooming in on a particularly detailed area, or one that we have painted over and can no longer see the numbers (or painted over part of a number that was too big for its space!).
I keep my laptop nearby with the finished painting open so that I can zoom in on that if needed while painting.

Make smaller paintings available - 16x20, with this level of detail, is way too big and takes too long. (I know, that is a very subjective thing - that's why you ought to make different sizes available.)
Overall, I am enjoying hte experience a great deal. I am a pretty decent painter in my own right, but I find a real appeal in the very regimented process of filling out a PBN painting. I look forward to completing it, and then working it a bit more to "make it my own".

This is my first paint-by-numbers in oh, probably 40 years!! Bought it for my 97 year-old mom, but since it's so large, my sister and I wound up helping a lot.

I'll upload pictures once I've finished.

Cameron Cosentino (Keystone, US)
Great quality! Slow Shipping

I received my paint by number in the mail but I have not started painting it yet. The quality looks great though! Only downside is it took forever to come. Although I ordered it in April and the shipping information said it would arrive in May or June, it did not arrive until July. I ordered through Etsy.

Hi, Cameron! Thank you so much for your review! We're glad you like the product!

Apologies for the long wait. The pandemic affected many shipments and caused huge delays in some April/May orders. Those issues are now resolved so shipping times are back to normal.

Let us know if need anything else and we will be more than happy to assist. Stay safe!

Frank | Canvas by Numbers | Support@canvasbynumbers.com

Diana Morris (Keshena, US)
Modern Style Daisies

Loved the painting. It turned out very well. I’m working on another painting and have ordered another. I’m very happy with everything I’ve received.