Dog Paint by Number Kits - A Friend in Need Paint by Numbers

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A Friend in Need - Cassius M. Coolidge


Our Canvas by Numbers Paint by Number kits for adults feature real canvases with detailed line art to fill in. Each section is labeled with a small number to show you the correct paint color, so artists of all ages and experience levels can achieve impressive results —no need to mix paints.

We carefully handpick every design to offer you a splendid and unique painting. Paint by numbers kits is more than just a hobby. It's the best way to discover your artistic talent and have a relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable experience.

The Canvas by Numbers Difference

"We love Paint by Numbers and we love to do it right."

Quality materials

Our 100% smooth linen canvases are printed in high
resolution and color to reduce eye strain. The rich pigment acrylics will make colors pop up, and the four wooden brushes provide a great painting experience.

Cheap materials to cut costs

Low-cost cotton canvases with low-resolution black and white printing. Numbers are hard to read and can be frustrating. The paints are usually too thin or too thick. Cheap brushes that snap easily.

Solid 60 days guarantee

Love your product or send it back. Any damage, issue during transit or inconvenience is covered until the parcel reaches your doorstep.

Issues with sellers

Lack of quality control. Hard or impossible to enforce the warranty. Support is difficult to reach. Usually ends in PayPal or bank dispute.

Licensed Artwork

Canvas by Numbers backs artists by paying for a license or/and royalties. Purchasing from us means you are supporting artists to continue with their passion.

Stolen artwork

Unfortunately, many stores reproduce stolen paintings as paint by numbers without the artist even knowing and violating their copyright. Always buy licensed art to support the artists!

Professional packaging

Get your canvas rolled in a hard tube and forget about wrinkles. Colorful packaging ideal for gifts!

Inferior packaging

Folded canvases full of wrinkles shipped in a generic plastic bag. Sounds familiar?

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
RICHARD and KAREN (Forrest City, US)
Poker Dogs

Loved every minute of this one! So much fun to see how each dog turned out and my grown son loved his birthday present!

David Ciolino (Salinas, US)
"A Friend in Need" - Review and Suggestions for Kit

The Painting was fun to do and has received great comments from friends and family. The paper template back up was too light and it the numbers were faded. Need to darken up the template. Since the printed canvas template has so many small detailed areas I would include a 10/0 liner and 18/0 spotter and replace one of other brushes with 3/0 or 5/0 spotter. It would make it much easer to fill in the smaller detail areas. I purchased these size brushes to complete this kit. Also, due to higher density of acrylic paints it helped to wet my brush before applying paint to the canvas. I found it coverd the crevassed canvas better than with a dry brush.

Erich Hackel (London, CA)
Dogs Playing Cards

I really enjoyed completing this paint-by-number especially during our Covid Lockdown. Your kit was excellent and well presented. I have now received the other kit "Dogs Playing Pool".

Lynn Jamison (Maineville, US)

Completed it looks great. Loved that they give you number print to help with numbers. Had trouble figuring the numbering a lot of tiny numbers in a few areas and still couldn’t read them on the printout even with magnifying glass. I had to rework dog eyes several times to get them decent. I used my own different red for my light shade.

Diego Gal (Playa del Rey, US)
Great Past Time

This is my second quarantine paint by number. The first I bought from an entirely different company and I can definitely say this one is MUCH better quality. The canvas is smoother, making it easier to paint on, especially in the teeny tiny spaces. The paint is the perfect thickness, no need to water down. I also like that the canvas printing is in a light red (as opposed to black), as the red is easier to cover with the lighter colors. Customer service is great too. One of my paint pots arrived dried into a completely solid brick and they sent me a replacement right away. I bought the DIY wood frame which was easy to attach, however, I found it difficult to paint while it was mounted so I uninstalled it and will remount it after it's completed. Verdict: I would buy from this company again. Attached is my painting about 80% done.

Angela Wesker (Sydney, AU)
A Friend in Need - Looks fantasic

So impressed with the way our painting has turned out.. well its almost finished, Ordered this during lock down and although it took a little while to come (due to covid) worth the wait. Have been doing this with my 14 year old son and has been so easy. Colours were a little different from the pictured post, however clearly identifies the image well. Cant wait to start the next one... an enjoyable way to pass the time!

Michael Mendick (New Haven, US)
Dogs at Cards

Wife purchased a set for the family as an activity for stay at home, quarantine time. Came with everything needed and was a great way to disconnect and destress! Looking forwarding to the next one. The picture was not exactly the same page, but conveys the same gist.

Fran Lisica (Glen Burnie, US)
Poker Dogs

Still working on this.

Diane McDougall (Lisbon, US)

This painting was a hard find until a family member looked it up. So happy he did, because it was not hard to paint and was fun too.

Marilyn (Toronto, CA)
Really fun!

We love how this painting turned out. It is really fun.