Custom Paint by Numbers Kit: Make a Memory Masterpiece

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit:
Make a Memory Masterpiece

What if you could take your favorite photo and turn it into a custom paint by numbers canvas? That's what we do here at Canvas by Numbers. You provide us with a picture of your family members, an old friend or a beloved pet. Or even a photo of a place you've visited that holds sentimental memories. We'll take the picture you choose and turn it into a canvas you can paint by numbers – a custom masterpiece that's yours to create.


How Do I Choose a Photo for My Personalized Paint By Numbers Canvas?

The most significant decision you'll have to make is which photo you want to use. To create the best possible canvas to paint by numbers, your own photo should be chosen carefully. For the best results, make sure:

You choose an image that's clear and in focus. High-resolution images (1000 x 1000 pixels) work best. If the only photo you have is low resolution, we'll make it work, but the best reproduction comes from a high-resolution image.

For portraits, the face is as close as possible to the camera so we can capture all the detail. If it's a group shot, please limit the number of people in the photo to four. Ideally, the subject(s) in the photo should take up at least 70% of the space in the image. (Long-range shots and large groups are more difficult to convert successfully.)

If you have a complex photo, select a larger-sized canvas. For example, a canvas that's 24" x 32" will fit more lines and numbers than one that's 12x16''. While we can convert your photo to any sized canvas, a detailed photo will come out much better on a larger canvas. If you have a family portrait, we recommend a canvas that's at least 16" x 20". Picking the smallest canvas (12" x 16") will reduce the amount of detail.

Choose a photo that has neutral lighting, ideally one in which the light comes from the camera angle. A vibrant background can blur details. Also, avoid shadows, particularly on faces and skin, as they can darken the color palette. Dark pictures can also affect the colors. And if your image used filters or special color lighting, keep in mind this can skew the color palette, too.

See our complete list of guidelines for choosing a photo for your paint-by-numbers custom canvas.

What Size is My Custom Paint by Number Canvas?

There are six sizes for you to choose from. The larger the canvas, the better the detail and the easier it will be to paint:

  • 30x40cm (12"x16")
  • 30x50cm (12"x20")
  • 40x40cm (16"x16")
  • 40x50cm (16"x20")
  • 50x50cm (20"x20")
  • 60x80cm (24"x32")

Note: We can create a non-standard canvas up to 48" x 48". Please contact us to arrange for a custom-size canvas.

diy pine wood frame

Does My Paint by Numbers Custom Kit Come with a Frame?

You can choose to receive your canvas on a frame or request a DIY frame. Or, you may decide to frame the kit on your own — just select the "no frame" option when you order your custom paint by numbers kit.

How Many Paint Colors Do I Get With My Custom Color by Number Kit?

There are three options: 24, 36 or 48 colors – the more colors you choose, the better the quality of the finished piece.

paint colors

Once I've Ordered My Custom Paint by Numbers Kit, What's Next?

Using the highest standards, we will analyze, design and convert your photo to create a numbered canvas. Once that's complete, we'll roll up your canvas, put it in a tube and send it to you along with the other materials in your custom paint by number kit. (If you choose to receive your canvas on a frame, we'll pack it in a protective box.)

The contents of a canvas by numbers kit

What is Included in my Personalized Paint by Numbers Kit?

Your custom paint by number kit comes rolled in a protective tube to arrive uncreased and in perfect condition and includes the following:

  • Pre-Printed Numbered Canvas: Made of a 100% finely woven cotton blend, our canvas is easy to color and features ultimate pigment absorption.
  • Numbered Acrylic-Based Paint Set: Requires no mixing, is non-toxic and environmentally responsible, our paint sets are safe for children and pregnant women.
  • Set of 3 Paint Brushes: Includes one small, one medium, one large paintbrush.
  • Reference Print: Features a color key and a black & white copy of the canvas with lines and numbers.
  • Hanging Kit: We provide two screws and two non-track hooks.
  • Directions Sheet
  • Protective box for the pre-stretched kit, safe for transit, and ideal for a gift.

Does My Personalized Paint by Numbers Kit Come with a Guarantee?

Any damage, problem during transit or inconvenience is covered until the package with your custom paint by number kit arrives on your doorstep. You have 60 days to contact us to arrange for replacement of any damaged or missing items. Because it is a personalized creation, custom kits cannot be refunded or exchanged unless they are defective. These are custom-made for you and cannot be resold.

Order a Custom Paint by Numbers Kit to Complete Your Masterpiece

Once you've finished painting your canvas, you can frame your custom color by number masterpiece and display it in your home or share it with a friend or loved one. These personalized paint by numbers canvases make great gifts, too! For someone who's retired or looking for a creative outlet, a custom paint by number canvas may be just what they need.

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What Our Customers are Saying about Our Paint-by-Number Kits

Loads of Fun!
Eric H.
San Francisco, US
star star star star star

Thoroughly enjoyed doing this piece. Appreciate the quality & professionalism of your products and service. Can’t wait to do my next one!

New Painter
Arlene F.
New York, US
star star star star star

The kit was well presented and the picture is very enjoyable to paint. The paint goes on smoothly and the picture reference guide is very helpful. It is so calming and addictive and I look forward to getting others.

Swiss Farm
Mitchell D.
McKinney, US
star star star star star

I just completed the PBN of the photo I sent in that I took in Switzerland. It turned out great for my first attempt in many decades for Paint by Number. I have ordered 2 more from photos.