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Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Nancy (Kansas City, US)

Love doing these custom paint by numbers They are addictive.

[USA Stock] Vibrant Butterfly
Karen (Loomis, US)
Vibrant Butterfly

Great quality paint and canvas. Happy with product. Haven't been able to complete painting. One paint pot was dried up upon receipt. Requested replacement . . it's still on its way from China.

A Friend in Need - Cassius M. Coolidge
David Ciolino (Salinas, US)
"A Friend in Need" - Review and Suggestions for Kit

The Painting was fun to do and has received great comments from friends and family. The paper template back up was too light and it the numbers were faded. Need to darken up the template. Since the printed canvas template has so many small detailed areas I would include a 10/0 liner and 18/0 spotter and replace one of other brushes with 3/0 or 5/0 spotter. It would make it much easer to fill in the smaller detail areas. I purchased these size brushes to complete this kit. Also, due to higher density of acrylic paints it helped to wet my brush before applying paint to the canvas. I found it coverd the crevassed canvas better than with a dry brush.

Mountain Refuge
Kata (Budapest, HU)

This was my favourite paint by numbers so far. Quality and package was excellent. I've made a few changes in the sky, but I really love the outcome.

[USA Stock] Pimpinella - William Morris
Yesabel Barba (Delray Beach, US)

Lovely painting, great quality

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Kim D. (Oakland, US)
Sadie Mae

So much fun with this project my family purchased me for Mother’s Day! Love the final piece.

Mata Mua - Paul Gauguin
Margaret McKerrow (El Cajon, US)
Bold Colors

I thoroughly enjoyed "painting" this Gaugin. The colors were wonderful and there was plenty of paint. It was easy to tell what number to paint. The back of one of the women's head blends into the background, but perhaps that is the way it is in the original painting. All in all a good experience.

I Colori di Santorini - Guido Borelli

Would buy again

Great project! I love this artist, and would buy more of this collection if it became available. My only issues were 1) some numbers were so small I had to use the zoom on my phone camera to read them and 2) it could have used a second container of black. Otherwise it was a total win!

Amanda (Indianapolis, US)

Fun. Challenging. Turned out great!

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
Shirley Weir (Deer Park, US)
Portrait of my husband and me

Loved this paint by number. So much detail. It looked just like my husband and myself!! I’ve ordered another one of my great granddaughter.

[USA Stock] The Kiss - Gustav Klimt
patricia keegan (Shelton, US)
great pandemic projects

the quality is very good , love the box for the color pots and the fact that the choices for artwork are different from other sites. my only issue is that some of the colors dont cover the numbers and you have to keep going back and cover them a few times before they disappear. overall a very good purchase!

Tapestry - William Morris
Vivienne Bullock (Norwich, GB)
Intricate but worth the effort.

I am loving this latest Morris pbn as I am progressing from beginner to experienced. Don't want it to end......

Water Lilies, Nympheas (1916) - Claude Monet
Yesabel Barba (Boynton Beach, US)
Just perfect

Easy enough to do, great quality

Sakura Road
Jackie McInnes (Christchurch, NZ)
Loving my paint by numbers hobby

This paint by numbers was a joy. Really happy with the canvas and the detail. Paints were all good and I so enjoyed sitting down to paint at the end of a busy day. Thank you so much, I love my new hobby. Paintings 2 & 3 are now underway.
Best regards

Roar of the Surf
Enid Redman (Louisville, US)
great PBN

beautiful colors!! enjoyed doing this a lot.


Great quality product. Quality hours spent on trying to end with the perfect painting. Great hobby thanks a lot team!

Grey Heron - Natalia Zagorii
Barbara Taylor (Calgary, CA)
Grey Heron

A beautiful painting. The colours were exactly right. The paints nice and creamy. Great coverage.

Cypresses - Vincent Van Gogh
M Mathews (Harrisonburg, US)
Good colors

I've enjoyed painting "Cypresses" with the paints provided with this canvas. All colors match with the original picture. The paint is also of good quality!

Golden Lily - William Morris
Toya Hegwer (Greenville, US)
Work in progress

With so many fine lines that are the heart of this painting, a brush finer than ones included is needed. Widest brush will not be used as there are no large areas
to paint in this picture. I do like it and am enjoying the challenge.

Relaxing and beautiful

Although I have only just begun, I love this painting. The brushes and paints are good to use. I am taking photos on my iPad of the section I am painting, I can then enlarge the screen to easily see the lines and numbers. The sheet provided is very faint. I can’t wait to continue

Houses at Murnau - Vasily Kandinsky
Kandinsky Fan (Emeryville, US)
Houses at Murnau - Vasily Kandinsky

Correct title is "House on a Hill", 1909. Perhaps painting kit could be more accurate to original. Note that picture is slightly smaller than 16" x 20" since it's in metric. Plenty of paint, but needed to whiteout some lines with certain colors.

Sunflower Park - Gustav Klimt

Came out beautiful, love the colors. This was a lot of fun to do.

It was fun

It was fun and rewarding to finish this painting. It was also a bit difficult. I would try another!

Poppy Field - Claude Monet
Laurel-Lee McMenemy (Medicine Hat, CA)
Monet Poppy Field

This is my second Canvas By Numbers. Love it! Great quality materials, fantastic way to pass the time. I am definitely a fan.