Canvas by Numbers - About Us

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Our Vision

The power of mindfulness has been scientifically proven many times. There are many ways to achieve a relaxed state of inner peace and painting is one them! Crafting activities such as painting, drawing, sewing, etc. have huge benefits to the overall reduction stress levels and well-being, who doesn’t need that these days.

Canvas By Numbers curates high-quality DIY paint by numbers kits that are sourced from the best designers and manufacturers in the world. We were founded in 2016 with a mission to promote the wonderful healing benefits of art therapy and mindfulness. Every paint-by-numbers kit we sell brings us closer to our goal of making the world a happier, healthier place for everyone.

We love what we do

My name is Frank, and I have loved crafts since I can remember. Everything started with macaroni necklaces I used to do for my beloved and patient mom, Lola - those simpler times when the internet wasn’t a thing, and you had to fill up your time old school. Later on, as every good teenager, I got into drawing. I was (am) a big fan of comic books and short stories. Years passed, and I met my lovely wife - Ziwen - in San Francisco. She was very passionate about painting and even tried to teach me, but I totally sucked.

One day I discovered these "paint by numbers kits," and I felt really curious about them. "Alright, what's the harm," I thought. I was pumped, so I started my first kit (one about a deer with many colors) straight away. I sat there painting for three hours and didn't even look at the phone, completely disconnected. It felt great. I finished my first piece "secretly" just to show it to my wife once finished. She just asked me who painted that for me lol - like she was totally aware that with my current painting skills (or lack thereof) it was utterly impossible I painted that. Guess what! - aha! I did.

We then decided to start our small business (2016), and we have been growing since. We're thrilled that we are able to spread the word around the globe with something as positive and fun as art. Despite Canvas by Numbers being a global business (the US is our most significant market) my wife and myself currently live in lovely Ireland, so if one day you decide to visit, we'll be more than happy to point you to the best Guinness Stew around!

How can painting by numbers help you? We have had customers that used our kits to go through many difficult situations, such as fighting cancer, a divorce, or quitting smoking... and we are GLAD to know we helped them. Of course, you don't need to be in a lousy position to enjoy paint by numbers benefits - all you need is the will improve your quality of life and just have a good time.

"This canvas is beautiful and colorful. 
I am glad to paint it now because it helps me going through a difficult time in my life. Even I can not paint as much as I want now, it is nice to find 30 minutes to relax with it"

Verified Review by Katia H.