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Custom Landscapes

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What if you could turn your happiest memories into a painting? Even better, one that you actually paint yourself.

Whether you are a skilled artist or a complete amateur, with our custom paint by numbers kits, you can turn your fondest photo into a paint by number kit. Our Paint by Number kits for adults feature real canvases with detailed line art to fill in. Each section is labeled with a small number to show you the correct paint color, so artists of all ages and experience levels can achieve impressive results.

If you're looking for a meaningful present to offer to your loved ones, your friends, or colleagues, our custom paint by number kits will make it memorable when you turn a photo into a painting!

    What's in Your Custom Kit?

    Your Custom Canvas by Numbers kit include the following:

    • Pre-printed numbered 100% finely woven cotton blend canvas—great pigment absorption and easy to color. The canvas comes rolled in a protective tube to arrive in perfect condition with zero creases. 
    • Numbered acrylic-based paint set. No mix required, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible. Safe for kids and pregnancy.
    • Set of 3x standard paint brushes (1x small, 1x medium, 1x large).
    • Hanging kit, including 2x screws and 2x non-track hooks.
    • Protective box for the pre-stretched kit, safe for transit, and ideal for a gift. 
    • Reference print with the color key and black and white print of the canvas lines and numbers. 
    • Directions sheet.

    You can buy your Custom Canvas By Numbers Kit without a frame,  with DIY Frame, or Framed.

    • No Frame: the canvas ships rolled in a protective tube. No frame is included.
    • DIY Frame: the canvas ships rolled in a protective tube and four pine wood stretcher bars. Easy to mount within minutes! You can watch the video in step 3 of our paint by numbers guide.
    • Framed: the canvas is already stretched on the frame. Ready to paint & hang. Ships in a protective box with several layers of bubble wrap.


    Please read carefully all the items below before placing your order:

    • Make sure to read the guidelines in the "Recommendations" tab to upload a suitable picture. The quality of the custom painting depends on the quality of the image provided. The closer it follows our recommendations, the better.

    We will process the image you send to us, so make sure it ticks all the boxes! Unfortunately, due to demand, we cannot check image per image email each customer back. Feel free to reach out to us with your image before placing your order.

    • 24x32" no frame will ship folded due to carrier size limitations. If you'd like this canvas size rolled in a tube, please select FedEx shipping at checkout.

    • Please allow 3-5 business days for us to produce your custom kit plus shipping. These are very labor-intensive to design and are just crafted for you! You will find all the relevant information in the "shipping times" tab.

    • NEW!! Premium custom kit available. Up to 48 colors!


    There are four recommendations to keep in mind when choosing your image for best results. These are: 
    ✅ Image resolution/quality.
    ✅ Distance from the image subject
    ✅ Canvas size
    ✅ Good lighting.
    Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your photo follows the guidelines. We will process the image received, so you must read carefully the items below and select your picture accordingly.

    1 - Image resolution/quality

    The quality of your photo will greatly affect your custom painting result. The image resolution depends on how many dpi (dots per inch) it has. What is DPI, and why is it important? If an image has 300 dots per inch (dpi), that means that there is a lot of detail or information within that 1 square inch, while an image that has only 72 dpi has very little detail.

    Browsers typically use 72 dpi (the bare minimum, so images are lighter and can load faster), and while your image might look okay on your screen, we're talking painting kits here. Always go for the highest dpi & size possible. The larger the file, the more detail we will be able to capture. Most mobile phones have 72 dpi, which is the lowest and most common, so if you don't have a raw camera file with higher dpi, try to get the maximum size (and 4000x4000 pixels image will always be better than a 700x700 pixels image). 

    The two images below will look almost identical at first glance:

    Custom paint by numbers resolution canvas by numbers

    However, we can clearly see the lack of detail in the low-resolution image vs. the higher resolution photo when zooming in. The latter will produce a much higher quality custom painting. 
    Custom paint by numbers resolution 2 canvas by numbers

    This quick zoom test is a great tool to know how good your photo is. You can also check the image properties on your mobile or desktop. The higher dpi and the more pixels, the better. If you don't know how to check your image resolution, here's a quick guide to do so on Windows and Mac.

    2 - Distance from the image subject

    This one is especially relevant for portraits (or any picture with people in it!). Make sure that the faces are closer to the camera! The further away, the fewer details we can capture. As a rule of thumb, the subject/s of the photo should take at least 70% of the image canvas. Face selfies will work best!

    Pick a minimum of 36 colors. The more colors, the better your custom kit will look when it comes to portraits. You can also go for 24 colors, but detail will be reduced acccordingly.

    Custom paint by numbers recommendations 1

    3 - Pick the right canvas size

    This one seems like a no-brainer - the larger the canvas the more detail we can fit. We always recommend a minimum size of 16x20" for portraits or any picture with a bit of complexity. If you pick the smallest 12x16" canvas, the amount of detail will be reduced accordingly. 
    For example, while the daisy below would do great with the smallest canvas size (12x16"), the city center shot would lose much detail. It will do much better in a 16x20" or larger canvas.

    4 -
    Pick a photo with neutral lighting

    Light and shadows can impact your custom kit outcome. You need to make sure that your photo has:
    • GOOD lighting. The main subject of the picture must receive light correctly. For example, you could send a selfie taken in the night if the faces are clear and lighten up! Please avoid images that are too dark as this will affect colors.
    • NO instense background light. The light should always come from the camera angle.
    • NO shadows on the skin. Shadows can completely change the color palette, creating dark patches.
    • NO color filters! The light should be completely natural. Rephrase from using tints such as yellow, blue, purple or green, which are very popular in social media or in some photography apps. 
    Custom paint by numbers recommendations 2
    Please note that submitting a picture that fails to follow these recommendations might cause delays in your order and a result below your expectations. If you have any questions, feel free to email us your picture in advance at so we can have a look. Happy painting!

    Shipping Information

    ✅ Enjoy free shipping on orders over $60!


    ➡️ Our custom kits are made to order and shipped directly from our workshop. Once we receive your order and start working on it, we'll print the shipping label and email you the tracking information.


    🚨 We like to pay attention to detail when working on each custom order, so we will need 5-10 business days to produce your painting plus shipping. We appreciate your understanding, as this is a custom piece made just for you.

    📦 Once your custom piece is finished and packed, we will hand it to the carrier, and you can expect to receive your order as per the shipping times below (in business days):


    Country or Region

    Standard shipping


    United States 7-15 days 3-7 days
    Canada 10-15 days 3-7 days
    Australia 10-15 days 3-7 days
    UK 7-15 days 3-7 days
    Europe 10-20 days 5-10 days


    🔥 Our custom kits are quite popular, and we get very busy during peak season (November-December). If you are planning to get a gift, we encourage you to order well in advance to avoid delays!

    Why Canvas by Numbers?

    There are tons of paint by numbers stores. Most of them source their kits from cheap manufacturers that sell them in places such as Aliexpress or Wish. What sets up apart?

    We design our kits in-house as a private label product with great attention to detail. You won't be able to buy our kits anywhere else. You might find the same image, but it won't be the same quality.


    Canvas by Numbers best paint by numbers

    No more eye strain. Colored and clear canvases. Stay away from cheap prints!

    Canvas by Numbers best paint by numbers

    No more creases & wasting time ironing the canvas. We shipped all our canvases rolled in a hard tube, never folded.

    Canvas by Numbers best paint by numbers

    Paints storage box provided. Tidy and organized. Did we mention that our kits go up to 28 colors?

    Canvas by Numbers best paint by numbers

    Gorgeous packaging. Which one would you give as a gift?

    Why Paint by Numbers?

    Using our art kits, you can create stunning, handmade paintings to decorate your home —no formal training required! Even a complete beginner can create masterpieces with Paint by Numbers.

    Paint by Numbers kits are an excellent way for new artists to build confidence. With each kit, you’ll be able to practice your brush handling and get a feel for working on canvas.

    Great for a rainy day, these art kits are a fun way to pass the time when you’re stuck indoors. They’re perfect for unwinding after a stressful day at work and an easy way to keep kids entertained for hours on end.

    Paint by Numbers for adults can be a fun social activity. Try working on a single kit in turns with a friend. They also make great gifts. Give one to a coworker, or use them as stocking stuffers for family members during the holiday season.

    Need some guidance? Check our beginners' guide here.

    The Canvas by Numbers Difference

    There are many brands out there. We are not the cheapest, and we do not intend to be. Our motto is to focus on providing a great painting experience and putting customers first. You are going to spend quite a few hours working on your painting. Is it worth it to risk it to save a few bucks? That's up to you! However, when we create our paint by numbers kits, we like to do them right.

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    Does your canvas come folded? Do I need to iron it?

    Not at all. Each no frame canvas is shipped rolled in a hard PVC tube so you receive it in perfect condition with zero creases. Forget about ironing the canvas?

    Can I return my Canvas by Numbers kit?

    Yes! If you change your mind, we will arrange the return of your kit. If there's a fault with the product, you have 60 days money-back guarantee.

    Do you provide enough paints?

    Absolutely, each color is measured and calibrated, so you don't need to worry about running out of paints. However, should you need additional paints, we will be more than happy to send them to you.

    Where do you get your artwork from? Is it legal?

    Yes, we use copyright-free images, and we license the artwork, so artists get paid with each order you place. Unfortunately, most paint by numbers businesses sell stolen artwork and undermine people's efforts to make a living from painting. With us, you are buying painting kits ethically.

    Do you have any available coupons?

    Yes, we do! You can always join our newsletter for 10% off your first order if you are a new customer (signup popup). For repeat customers, it is even better. You'll get 20% off your next order every time you leave a review with a picture or video!

    You'll also get 5% cashback In CBN points with each order. You can then use your points balance to redeem free items and discounts.