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5 Paint by Numbers Tips You Need to Know

Paint by numbers kits have made it on the list of top 100 best hobbies of the century. It’s an amazing way to try your hand at painting and getting over the fear of it. Picture is divided in several parts, marked with a number; you just have to paint the number that matches with the corresponding numbered paint color. A beautiful picture will start to emerge out and the result will be astounding.

It’s an innovative and productive way to spend time in this pandemic. If you had a little artist somewhere in you but you never really had time to nurture it, now is the opportunity to explore that side. Paint by numbers canvas can be used by children, adults and even older people, regardless of their level of expertise. You can design your very own custom paint by number kits as well. All you have to do is upload the picture you want to convert into art and send it to canvas by numbers or any place you are thinking of buying it from. It’s ideal to relive your favorite memory, gift it to relatives and friends or to decorate your home with artwork that holds emotional value.

 Initially the paint by number canvas appears to be a jungle of shapes with lines and numbers, making no sense and looks unimpressive, bland. Hold on, don’t get overwhelmed, just follow the instructions and reap the benefits of your patience with a stunning artwork for your home that you can proudly show off. Paint by numbers canvas can be ordered online, they are readily available in stores in all sizes with various degrees of complexities. These kits are complete sets including paints and brushes required for the painting. Custom paint by numbers kits can also be ordered, with the specifications you need.

Even though these kits come with easy guidelines, one must take time to practice it in order to master this creative exercise. It’s an ongoing learning experience which improves with more practice. You must hone your skills to become an overall better artist. Paint by number kits for beginners is a simple way to introduce beginners with free-hand painting. To make them familiar with the world of paints and to learn in a controlled way that doesn’t completely demoralize them if they mess up. Paint by numbers kits will boost your confidence and encourage you to get unconventional with your projects to stand out from the crowd.

The tips and tricks mentioned below will help you to get the best possible results from your paint by numbers canvas, so you don’t get disappointed enough to throw your canvas in a dust-bin. With these tips you can do paint by numbers kits with ease and flesh out the courage to advance your level from a rookie to professional creative artist, conquering all stages from preparation to presentation.

  1. Choose the canvas carefully

Who likes to paint on a surface which is flimsy, creased and just cannot stay straight? A canvas is the base, the structure of your artwork. It must be in the best condition for you to achieve best results. The quality should be sturdy so it doesn’t crease. In some kits the canvas is either folded or rolled so tightly that one can never get rid of the creases or the constant turning of the canvas. It’s irritating, distracting and very discouraging. I would suggest that when ordering or buying one, always opt for a framed one. This will save up so much time as it is already stretched, prepped and ironed, ready for you to start.

  1. Take it from the top

The most challenging thing for an amateur artist is to know where to start from. It can make or break your entire hard work. There are many approaches to this but the best approach that I can swear by is to do it in the descending order; like start from the top. If you are right handed, start from the top left corner. If you are a lefty then your starting point would be the top right corner. Doing so will make sure there is no smudging and the painting goes smooth.

  1. Go from largest area to smallest and from darkest color to lightest

This tip can be your best friend while having fun on the paint by numbers canvas, always start with one color and fill all the spaces with it, commencing from the largest area and work your way down to the smallest one. Why to do this, you ask? Well, saves you a whole lot of time and energy that you will waste on washing every time you switch paint pots and not to forget the struggle it requires to clean the brushes, to get rid of any paint traces. Also it saves you so much paint that you can use in other projects. Another pro tip is to start with the darkest shades first, mostly dark shades from the background; you will have a better understanding about where your painting is heading. This will also make it easier for you to see how the dark and light hues correlate with each other and the effects they have on the canvas.

  1. Don’t submerge your brushes in paint

Another grave mistake committed by budding artists is that they drown the brushes in paint causing the paint to drip and ruin their efforts. Just dip the tip of the brush and you’ll be surprised at the amount the brush catches. This will also help you conserve the paints. Who in their mind would want to finish the supplies before the painting is, right?

  1. Cover the numbers with white pen

Hate the numbers peeking through your perfect artwork?  If you were doing it as a practice project, or as a pet project, those numbers are not allowed to seep through. Make sure you conceal them with a white pen or paint. You can also do a double coat to ensure a no show.

Paint by number canvas kits come with instructions and specification but you can still take a detour and explore the artist inside you. Don’t be afraid to break rules and experiment. Do it with full conviction and the results will be satisfactory.

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