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15 Paint by Numbers Kits to Decorate the Wall Space

Painting is an excellent creative stimulant that keeps you occupied in the most productive way, makes you more patient, entertains you and most importantly relaxes you both mentally and physically. But not everyone has the ability to paint flawlessly and the end result keeps you from embarking on this exciting journey. Fortunately, we have the best solution that can encourage not only the novice artists but is a great practice for learning artists as well as pros. I’m talking about the fool-proof painting method that is paint by numbers kits- all you have to do is to order your favourite kit, get yourself a clean, well-lit and ventilated room, get organized and start.

Paint by numbers kits is not only therapeutic, it can also be a great decoration piece on the walls of your home which you can proudly flaunt as your own. In this article, we will be exploring 15 such beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and artistic masterpieces that sure will make one hell of a gallery wall in your home. You can opt for birds paint by numbers kits and make it the highlight of the room or you can go all in with 5-7 paintings that we will discuss below and make an accent gallery wall! However, you prefer or whatever your style is, we have picked and choose 15 best arts sets for adults that will make for a great time-pass as well as pass the easy qualification as work of art.

1. Venice Canals

Venice Canals - Vinsor Tan

This paint by numbers kit will take you to a dreamy vacation in the beautiful, charming and oh-so-delightful Venice city. This city is known for its cultural heritage, picturesque sites, winding canals, striking architecture and beautiful bridges. The paint by number kits, Venice Canals, captures the vibe of Venice city with absolute ease and perfection. You’ll be transported to this popular tourist destination while in the comfort of your home. the best way to travel the world during the times of an ongoing pandemic.

2. Symbols of Heroism 

Paul Walsh

Symbols of Heroism by Paul Walsh is a paint by numbers kit that will give you the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the people who have sacrificed their lives and put them in danger for helping others and making the USA a land of heroes. The beautiful colors of this kit, the flag, the helmet, the life jacket, the axe and the shoes all honour the bravery, valour and gallantry of the American heroes. Hang this painting to pay homage to all those who served this country.  

3. Astral Deer 

Astral Deer

Just as the name suggests, this deer is so mystical, whimsical and fanciful that it appears to be belonging to some place beyond human beings. The beautiful pastel background of the painting can set the tone of your room, the vibrant colors used in the perfect amount grabs the eyeballs and makes sure it becomes the focal point of the room. Deer itself is a very loved and adored animal which makes the whole painting experience very rewarding yet challenging due to complex designing and narrow spacing. These kinds of arts set for adults will make you very confident and self-reliant.

4. Small Birds on Branches

Small Birds on Branches

This birds paint by numbers kit is perfect for novice painters who want to try their hand at painting but are super reluctant to mess up things. It's easy, elegant, full of life and most importantly will be a great addition to your walls or look amazing with other paintings as well to make things lighter on eyes as well as on the overall décor.

5. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

One of the most beautiful wonders of the world that depicts love at its absolute core is the Taj mahal. One can never go wrong with this painting kit, the beautiful backdrop of the Taj mahal and two lovers holding each other’s hand will evoke the most romantic and dreamy feeling in you. The main color used in this painting is white but it doesn’t look bland or boring, it's complex, challenging and the end result will sweep you off your feet.

6. Roses in a Glass Vase

Miriam and Ira D. Wallach

Here is a paint by numbers kit with texturized still life flowers in a glass vase and also around it. This floral project comes with a little drama and will need some performance in order for it to rise and shine on your gallery wall. You may think it's easy but don’t be fooled by the sheer simplicity, take a deeper look and you’ll see the complex color blending, the shaded background and the water effect is also a challenge in itself. I love this kit as it stimulates your inner artist!!

7. Mother Nature Tree of Life

Mother Nature Tree of Life

This paint by number kits is chosen from the fantasy category and its unequivocally mesmerising, alluring and stunning. The half pink, half blue sky is breathtakingly beautiful. All The flowers surrounding the foot of the woman-tree makes it look like a dream you don’t ever want to wake up from and that’s the captivating authority of Mother nature in all its glory!

8. Woman with Umbrella 

 Claude Monet

This paint by number kits perfectly encapsulates the beauty of a summer morning. The wind is blowing profusely and the woman is taking a stroll on a windy summer day, pondering over her life and the little pleasures of it. This paint by numbers kit will perfectly fit on your gallery wall as it has a calming effect and promotes soothing and relaxing vibes. This paint by numbers kit is purely magical and will take you away from all your worries and stresses.

9. Coffee Time

Coffee Time

This painting is the perfect depiction of happy times, we all long to live and cherish them over and over again. The color combination is neutral and soothing but with a hint of life added by color blue. The coffee in the cups look inviting and makes us all nostalgic, while the macaroon looks deliciously tempting and the perfect comfort food. Be sure to have some sweets beside you while doing this kit otherwise you’ll be salivating the whole time.

10. Sunset Railway Track

Sunset Railway Track

Imagine walking down this track, it is so surreal, magical and almost unimaginable. Now picture yourself making this extremely detailed painting set, it will sure make you proud. That's the beauty of these kits, it has made it the most difficult to even imagine painting possible to make and flaunt them in your very own gallery walls. The colors, the trees and track and the sun all make this particular kit one-of-a-kind.

11. The Buddha

Odilon Redon

This painting kit is like a spiritual lesson, you’ll rediscover yourself. The tree shown in the painting is the tree under which Buddha spends days, weeks and months on end to find the purpose of his, about the hardships people face and how we can break the vicious cycle of good and evil. If you want to find redemption, purpose and strength, this painting will give you all this and a lot more.

12. Roses Beauty

Roses Beauty

What is the symbol of love, what is the ultimate gesture of affection and what can possibly describe your feeling without you even uttering a word- Roses! This paint by number kit is the ultimate depiction of love, romance and passion. The different shades of pink and red together makes a delightful sight to see and paint. Art sets for adults like these are the perfect thing to express love and affection.

13. Lighthouse and Seagulls

Lighthouse and Seagulls

 Paint by numbers will not only liberate your mind but it will also liberate you emotionally and physically. You’ll be experiencing new places, setting new goals and aiming for better things as it will broaden your vision and encourage you to push your boundaries. Don’t let anything hold you back, let it all go!

14. Sailing Ship

Sailing Ship

As I told earlier, paint by numbers kits aren't only for beginners or novice artists, these can be equally valuable to professional or aspiring artists. Take example of this paint kit, we can see the sky with the backdrop of sunsetting, a ship sailing on water with its shadow and all the other things also creating a shadow on water. It's complex yet full of excitement and knowledge for all the painters out there.

15. Shoes

Vincent Van Gogh

 Lastly, I would like to recommend a painting that will pay homage to the painting maestro, Vincent Van Gogh. This painting is a life’s story in itself. Like how a pair of shoes start there live, and how they end up, like all of you. This paint kit is as complex in meaning as in doing. Be sure to choose this kit when you have at least 10 paints by numbers projects under your belt!


Paint by numbers make your painting activity less of an ordeal and more fun as it takes away all the preps and leaves you with a kit that’s ready to use. All the variables that can mess up things have already been fixed. So, choose paint by numbers kits from above and get started for that gallery wall!


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