Preparation time - this is the time required to prepare your order and hand it to the courier:

• 2-3 business days for kits shipped from the overseas factory.
• 5-10 business days for custom orders.
• 1 business day for USA Stock products.

Shipping information - time to deliver your order from the date it is handed to the courier:

For orders shipped from the overseas factory, delivery typically takes 7-15 business days since the order is in transit.
• Remember that you might see a 3-7 days gap with no updates, especially after the parcel is released from customs - this is normal as the package needs to be tendered to the last-mile carrier.

For USA stock products, delivery typically takes 2-5 business days (free shipping) or 1-2 business days (expedited).

Order processing and shipping times are estimates and could be higher during peak season (November & December) or due to force majeure events out of our control.