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Paint By Numbers Blog-Learn How to Paint Better With These Simple Tips For Paint By Numbers-Canvas by Numbers

Learn How to Paint Better With These Simple Tips For Paint By Numbers

How to Paint Better

A question we often come across at Canvas by Numbers is, “How do you improve your paint by numbers and make the final result look better and more refined? How do you become a better painter?”

Well, natural painting talent is one way, but we believe even beginners can polish their technique. With practice and some of our top tips, you can develop many skills to enhance your final painting. Check out what our experts have to say about how to paint better and experiment with your own techniques for success!

1. Start with the Right Painting

Anyone who wants to learn how to paint better should carefully consider which paintings they start with. We recommend choosing a floral still life because these kits have tons of colors to explore that can help you feel more comfortable with finding the right hues, blending tones, and transitioning from one color to the next. These types of paintings are also a little more predictable, allowing you to play with color without losing the thread of the design – like you might with more abstract paintings.

If flowers aren’t really your thing, you can always shop our simplest styles meant for beginners to find a few canvases that will allow you to get accustomed to the flow of painting and help you learn how to become a better painter.

2. Work in the Right Setting

Your path to a great painting isn’t just about your technique or canvas. You need to set yourself up for success with a workspace that’s comfortable and relaxing. Opt for a well-lit room and an easel that allows you to stand or sit upright. You don’t want to strain your neck or back trying to reach every part of the canvas from a contorted position on the floor! You may also want to set up some music to help you get in the right mood.

If you have no choice but to work in a small or dim space, we recommend getting a magnifying headlamp to help light your canvas without straining.

3. Double Check Your Colors

Don’t roll your eyes on this one! We know it sounds super obvious, but one misplaced color swatch, and you’ll feel like you ruined the entire canvas! It’s especially easy to mismatch a color once you enter a painting trance, so always double-check what you have on your brush before applying it to the canvas. We promise that it’s the key to painting better.

4. Always Recoat

Your first coat is actually just the base coat. In order to get that polished look, recoat the color again after your base coat dries for an even richer, smoother painting. A second coat also prevents and hides any streaks and completely covers up the ghost of the numbers. If you’re very worried about the numbers still peaking through, you can cover them with a white marker before your second coat.

5. Soften the Edges

Our final tip for how to paint better is about the edges of each color section. When working with an area in the painting that has several gradients of colors, try to blend the edges into one another by going back and forth with the brush for a natural transition. You should also use water to your advantage to get the right consistency for the paint to blend more naturally.

Start Fresh

With these tips in mind, it’s time to return to your canvas with fresh eyes. Review our tips every time you start painting, and we guarantee you’ll learn how to become a better painter.

If you’re looking to start with a new canvas, consider browsing our newest arrivals to find something that inspires you!

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