My Bunkiefinished - Charles Schreyvogel
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In Hot Porsuit - Charles Schreyvogel
from $24.99 $49.99
The Blue Horse - Franz Marc
from $24.99 $49.99
from $24.99 $49.99

Art kits for adults - what is paint by numbers?

Paint by numbers refers to kits having a canvas on which black lines indicate sections to paint, and each section has a number and a matching numbered paint to use.

Art kits for adults about horses - nice!

Horses have appeared in works of art during history, usually as depictions of the horse in battle. The horse appears less commonly in modern art partly because the horse is no longer meaningful either as a mode of transportation or as an implement of war. Most modern depictions are of famous contemporary horses, artwork connected with horse racing, or artwork correlated with the historic cowboy or Native American tradition of the American West.

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If you love horses, this collection will allow you to explore further into horse painting on canvas. Paint by numbers makes the whole thing easier so painting beautiful horses scenes wall art is very enjoyable!

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